26 People Who Tried To Pull A Fast One And Failed Hilariously -Part 2

What these people tried to get away with is anything BUT legit. The only people they fooled were themselves, HA HA HA!

14. I hope this wasn't an attempted repair job.

15. Is it safe?

16. Seems legit.

17. I can totally understand why this middle aged, doughy white lady would be mistaken for Halle Berry.

18. Ackbar says, "It's a trap!"

19. Totally street legal.

20. Pretty sure I won't find that quote in Galatians.

21. Ah, the Subway van has arrived just in time for lunch.

22. How many children do misinformed grandparents disappoint each year?

23. Again... kids, stay away.

24. No way this is a trap.

25. Oh, it's Sorta-Mario Kart! I love that game.

26. I suspect it's actually a "Dead End."


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(H/T viralnova)

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