You Won't Believe What Things Have Actually Been Done On Live TV, OMG!

It's just crazy that these things have been said or have even been broadcast on live TV. What were they thinking? Some of it's plain idiocy, unbelievable!

1. You can't blame this guy for asking for anonymity.

2. This guy failed sex ed.

3. Gay demons are the worst. They redecorate your house and bake. It's awful.

4. Seriously, Fox News? Do Math Much?

5. Say it ain't so!

6. I guess she really loves Obama.

7. Big change. Hope the locals aren't confused.

8. Yeah, this'll help fix Amanda right up.

9. Yeah, that's what we like to call common sense.

10. Well good for Michael Newman!

11. Covering only the important topics.


12. In a nutshell...


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