News Of The WEIRD. Top 3 Videos of the Day: April 3, 2015

Here are the top three, most trending and must-see videos for your daily dose of 'can't miss this" footage!

Shocking Images Caught On Video That Might Scare The Crap Out of You. They Just Might Make You Believe That Aliens, Demons, and Ghosts Exist

This creepy compilation of allegedly "real" image captures of Aliens, Demons, and ghosts. Is it proof? Decide for yourself. You've been warned, these might haunt your dreams!


10 Plants That Can Kill You. They Might Be In Your Backyard Right Now.

Here are 10 deadly plants you need to know about. These are the most lethal plants on Earth. The Piranha plant from Super Mario is not on the list, LOL!


Any One Of These 5 Experiments Could Have Destroyed The Earth

These experiments were highly risky. Scientists weren't actually sure of what could happen. Yet they proceeded anyway risking the possible annihilation of the planet or life as we know it. No one really knew what they might have unleashed.


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