The 24 Most Overused Words and Phrases From 2015

Here are some words that were very popular in 2015. You may or may not know them, but all the "cool" people are using them though. Way, way, way too much!

1. Netflix and Chill

What it meant in 2015: To have sex. What you do while “watching” Netflix with a love interest.


2. Squad

What it meant in 2015: Your posse; people you’re rarely seen without.


2. Bae

What it meant in 2015: Short for "Babe." Any person you adore.


3. AF

What it meant in 2015: Acronym for “as fuck”; signifies a relatively high level.


4. Thirsty

What it meant in 2015: Wanting something or someone desperately. Is often used with AF: Thirsty AF.


5. Fam

What it meant in 2015: Non-relatives you consider to be just like family.


6. Shade

What it meant in 2015: A low-key (quiet) way to diss (disrespect) someone.


9. Dead

What it meant in 2015: Still living…but amused beyond measure.


10. Slay

What it meant in 2015: To reach true, admirable success; what you scream at someone who’s reached this level of success.


11. Come Thru

What it meant in 2015: To go over to the location where a person who is "thirsty AF" wants to have sex with you.


12. Lit

What it meant in 2015: When something is "turned up" or "popping." Exiting, fun, "hype."


13. Most Overused word of the decade: "Amazing"

What it meant in 2015: A "catch-all" word for anything good. It's mostly used by people who really need a Thesaurus so they can learn other words like: astonishing, awesome, fascinating, incredible, marvelous, fantastic, stunning, unbelievable. Ellen is probably the world's greatest offender. For example, Food isn't "Amazing." Food has its own words to describe it: delicious, scrumptious, tasty, appetizing. Just sayin'.


What "Amazing" really is...Elephant Walking On A Tightrope

"Amazing" isn't a "sweater" or a plate of food. Those things don't "Amaze." This does...

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(H/T buzzfeed)

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