26 Of The Most Bizarre Things That Happened On A Bus Or Train - Part 2

You see all kinds of things when you travel on Public Transportation. Here are the strangest things ever photographed as they happened on a bus or train!

14. I'll wait for the next bus, thanks.

15. Smoking heroin on the bus. Really?

16. He brought his emotional support animals along.

17. What a smart car. Owner.

18. I don't think you're supposed to highlight the entire book.

19. At least she'll have less to do when she gets home!

20. Hang on, lady!

21. I'd rather see this after shot than the before shot!

22. I feel really sorry for this girl.

23. White chocolate tattoo AND a bird? What a catch!

24. This woman really likes her mayo. Gross!

25. 50 shades of ... heeeeeey!

26. That's what he gets for eating peanuts before entering the bus.


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