19 Of The Most Awkward Celebrity Encounters. Sure, They're Funny Now...

These people will always remember these moments they met celebrities. But for all the wrong, embarrassing reasons!

1. Kim Kardashian

Submitted by sxbrinakk Timothy A. Clary / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

2. David Schwimmer

Submitted by Liz Karsa, Facebook Francois Durand / Getty Images / BuzzFeed
(H/T buzzfeed)

3. Ben Affleck

Submitted by karens4b6bfba6a Leigh Vogel / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

4. Jay Z

Submitted by Kaitie H. Ronald Martinez / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

5. Paul Rudd

Submitted by laurendoloresc Cindy Ord / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

6. Robin Williams

Kris Connor / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

7. Raven Symoné


8. When I took this picture of Robin Thicke (Supposedly Not Cheating On His Wife With His Fans)


9. This pic of Leonardo DiCaprio Having A Super Close Encounter With A Fan


10. Bruce Springsteen


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