You'll Be Shocked When You Know Why These Kids Are Screaming At Their Bus Driver

This chilling video shows what events unfolded when a bus driver attempted to drive a full school bus while drunk. But don't worry: The kids ended up safe.

When you put your children on the school bus in the morning, you depend on the bus driver to safely deliver them to school. And while many of us former bus riders may have fond (or not-so-fond) memories of cantankerous bus drivers, looking back as an adult, you can understand why he or she shouted down rowdy children, assigned seats or ruled the bus with an iron hand in some other fashion. Because safety is paramount.

Unfortunately, bus driver Martha Thompson did not believe so. She betrayed the confidence of the school system and the parents of some three dozen children when she showed up to work drunk. That's right... A bus driver shuttling over 30 kids, drunk behind the wheel. She broke the speed limit, ran over a mailbox and eventually began rolling downhill backwards. The older kids on the bus proved to be the heroes of this potentially tragic tale. They shouted down Ms. Thompson repeatedly, begging her to stop the bus and let them off. Despite the bus driver's refusal, they eventually opened the emergency exit and helped the very upset younger children cope with this frightening scenario.

Martha Thompson will be spending weekends in jail for 12 months as a result. What do you think about this punishment? Did she get off too light for risking the lives of over 30 children in the most irresponsible way a bus driver could?

View Video:


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