26 Moments When Irony Made People Look Like Total Idiots

The irony of these situations made these people look incredibly foolish. Here are 26 times life caught people in the most awkward situations!

1. That's bound to scare away new customers

2. What's next, selling cocktails to help drunks in rehab?

3. This is an all-time classic fail!

4. ...a day late and a lot of dollars short!

5. That's a consumer confidence killer

6. The message on the back of the truck is ironic as the one on the side!

7. ...and he's halfway through the book too

8. ...except this notice.

9. Had the same result with my dog!

10. Irony at its finest.

11. Fire the editor!

12. Might as well, everything else is made there.

13. They probably had two much two do two spell check

14. Careful, the tip of many things can burn


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