People In Houston Simultaneously Captured This Mind Blowing UFO Footage and Shared It On Social Media

When countless people capture and share alleged UFO footage on social media, you have to ask: "Is Something Really Out There?"

Modern day UFO sightings are much more commonly documented by video and photograph. With the advent of smartphones, we are rarely ill-equipped to capture strange events as they unfold. Not only that, but sharing footage is easier than ever thanks to services like Twitter and Facebook.

Last year in Houston, Texas, a strange event in the sky led to several people sharing what they saw over social media. Whether it's an alien craft or not, this is documented evidence that something was going on that night.

1. Captured on Video

Andrew Pena shot this video while trying to record some lightning strikes. He ended up capturing something much more interesting.


2. Another Sighting

Just minutes after Andrew recorded those strange lights, another Houstonian posted this photo to Twitter.


3. The Ring of Lights

Yet another Twitter user posted this. It looks exactly like the previous photo. I can't think of one man-made craft that would create a light pattern like this.


4. UFO Activity

The craft is said to have appeared on the east side of Houston as well, meaning it traveled a good distance within our view.


While to some this may be proof that extraterrestrial craft visit Earth, there may be a logical, scientifically explainable reason for these particular light patterns that night over Houston. So until we have irrefutable evidence, all we can do is continue to look up, point our cameras and share what we see.

(H/T viralnova)

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