Brave Hotel Workers Reveal Secrets The Industry Doesn't Want The Public To Know

These workers reveal, not only how to take advantage of perks you only get if you ask, but also facts that put your health at risk.

1. Ask For Clean...

At most hotels, only the sheets are changed every day. Blankets may be washed weekly and bed covers are lucky to see soap and water monthly. If you want everything to be clean, you have to ask.


2. Early Check In Has A Big Drawback

Housekeepers have a lot of rooms to clean. If you check in early, you risk a less than thorough cleaning job.


3. The Worst Offender

Television remotes are crawling with rhinovirus, a germ that can cause the common cold. They are rarely cleaned by staff.


4. Keep It Down

Most hotel rooms are not soundproof. Late night partying, loud sex, or even just a movie turned up too loud could earn you a visit from hotel security.


5. Before You Sip

Always wash the glasses by hand before using them. Paper toppers can be considered decorative.


6. Make It Memorable

"I worked for the Ritz Carlton for a few years," reported one hotel employee. "In my orientation, the HR rep told everyone that each employee has a special allowance of $1,500 to make sure they can help the guests feel like their stay would be memorable."


7. Beware The Poolside

Hotel pools are highly chlorinated, which kills most bacteria. Not so for the tables and lounge chairs, however.


8. Beware The Valet

Most hotels aren't liable for what happens to your car in the hands of a valet. So hand over the keys at your own risk.


9. Cancel Without Fees

If you suddenly need to cancel and want to avoid the fee just call the hotel and move your reservation into the future by a week or two. Then call back the next day and cancel it without penalty.


10. Avoid Online Agents

Hotels pay online booking agents up to 30% in commission. So if you want to save money, call the hotel to book your room and politely ask if there's any way to reduce the rate. You might be surprised.


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