Horrifying Every Day Life Encounters You Forget To Think About

Here are 25 things you likely encounter every day, but never give much thought to how easily they could kill you. You'll be shocked!

1. Annually, 600 people die simply because they fell out of bed.


2. Those innocent looking stairs you take every day are linked to the deaths of 12,000 people ever year.

3. In the U.S., 6,000 people die because of texting while driving.

4. Think you're safe in a building during a lightening storm? If it strikes the structure, it can travel through TV and radio antennae, electrical systems, and phone lines.

5. According to a study by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, 16% of cell phones have fecal matter on them.

6. Fruit punch and strawberry yogurt are often dyed red with carmine, a compound that is made from ground-up beetles.

7. Statistics from 1998 show that more fast food employees were murdered while working than police officers. Today, four to five fast food employees are killed on the job every month.

8. Toothpicks are a serious choking hazard, causing about 9,000 injuries per year.

9. Elevators, while safer than the stairs, cause an average of 27 deaths yearly.

10. Over the course of a decade, most mattresses double in weight...because of dust mites and their poop.

11. The air you breathe in a typical metro station is about 15% human skin.

12. Candles cause 15,000 house fires each year.

13. If you think your toilet is dirty, think again. Your office desk has 400 times more bacteria than that porcelain throne.


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