Genius Winter Car Hacks That Will Totally Save Your A$$! - Part 2

These Winter Car Hacks can keep you from being stuck or freezing your as$ off out in the cold. These simple tips can prevent trouble and make winter suck a little less this year!

11. If you roll your windows down and there’s still ice, you can always try this badass trick.

Credit | buzzfeed

12. Put gallon-sized plastic bags over your mirrors at night to prevent them from freezing over.

Use rubber bands to secure them.

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13. Clean your lights with toothpaste for extra brightness.

When the weather is bad, lights are even more important.

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14. The penny test will tell you when it’s time to get new tires.

Ice + tread-less tires is not a good match. See how to do the test here.


15. Keep a 20-pound bag of kitty litter in your trunk to give your back end extra weight.

This will help your back tires stay grounded on the road. In a pinch, you can also sprinkle some of the litter on the ground beneath your tires to give more traction.

Thinkstock | wag

16. If your tires are stuck, use cardboard to help them get traction.

You can also use the mats from your car interior if you don’t mind them getting wet and dirty.

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17. Vinegar + water makes a cheap DIY de-icer blend.

Use three parts vinegar to one part water in a spray bottle.

Pro tip: Spraying vinegar on the windows the night before can help prevent icing in mildly cold temperatures.

Getty Images | Thinkstock | amazon

18. Keep a pair of old socks in your glove compartment to wear OVER your shoes.

This will give your feet better traction when pushing your car out of a snow drift.


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