Genius Winter Car Hacks That Will Totally Save Your A$$!

These Winter Car Hacks can keep you from being stuck or freezing your as$ off out in the cold. These simple tips can prevent trouble and make winter suck a little less this year!

1. Raise your wipers at night and cover them with socks to prevent them from freezing to your window.


2. Frozen lock? Use a straw and blow on the lock to melt the ice.

You can also use hand sanitizer to quickly thaw it.

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3. Or, use a lighter to heat the car key and slide it into the lock.

This also works for frosty front doors.


4. Shaving cream works to fog-proof your car.

It has a lot of the same ingredients as commercial de-foggers. Just spray a layer on the inside of your windows and wipe it clean.

Pro tip: Don’t leave open containers of liquid or water in your car overnight, those will evaporate and turn into fog or frost.

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5. You can also use a stocking or sock filled with cat litter to prevent frost.

Just leave it in your car overnight. The litter will absorb moisture (and odor!).

reddit | Thinkstock | wag

6. Use cooking spray on the rubber edges of your car doors to keep them from freezing shut.

Just spray on the edges of doors then rub them down with a paper towel.

Pro tip: This is also a great trick to use on your snow shovel to prevent ice build up.

Getty Images | iStockphoto | walmart

7. Never use hot water to melt ice on your windows.

Unless you want a shattered windshield, that is.


8. Invest in a good ice scraper.

According to The Sweet Home, the Subzero Extendable is the best scraper out there, and will only set you back $18.

Credit | Getty Images/iStockphoto Peter Cox

9. Use a credit card as a DIY ice scraper in a pinch.

You can also use a plastic spatula. Just don’t use anything metal or glass or risk scraping your paint and windows.

Credit | Thinkstock

10. If your car is covered in pure ice, just give the hood of your car an open faced smack.

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