The Future Of Air Travel Might Be These Full Window-like Walls That Let Passengers See Everything

This could either be the most awesome thing ever, or completely terrifying depending on your comfort zone, either way...OMG!

Traveling by airplane might start to look a lot more like you're really flying through the clouds, if this futuristic concept by the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) goes into production. The Windowless Fuselage design that the UK-based technology innovation center is proposing would rid large passenger aircrafts of windows and replace them with OLED screens that line the entirety of the fuselage.

The full view...

Like giant windows themselves, the high-definition screens would display seamless panoramic views captured just outside, with cameras mounted on the exterior of the plane. Ultimately, this revolutionary design change is meant to use technology to help preserve resources, money, and space for both the manufacturer and the passenger.

Though the windowless airplane is an intriguing design, some are already speculating flaws and expressing their concerns through Photoshop.

Getting the full view of a storm might be terrifying

The plane is still in its early days, so there are kinks to work out, but there's hope for the project to come to fruition within the next 10 years.


(H/T distractify)

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