Must-See Videos of the Day. Daily 3: April 4, 2015

Here are the top three, most trending and must-see videos for your daily dose of 'can't miss this" footage!

must see vids

3 Girls On A Road Trip Got Carried Away on a Sing-Along...That Suddenly Turned Into A Raunchy Romp!

These lovely ladies were having fun singing along to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" when suddenly—things got more and more carried away. OMG, LOL!


What's Scarier Than These 10 Horror Movies? That They Are Based On Real Events.

What's even scarier than a good horror movie? How about one that's based on real events! Watch this to get the scoop on the top 10 true life horror movies.


They Were Filming Her Pregnant Belly When They Caught This Mind-Blowing Moment!

Pregnancy can be a beautiful thing, but this creepy moment looks like something out of the Sci-Fi / Horror flick "Alien!" Whoa!


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