10 Shocking Crimes Committed In The Name Of The Devil. Horrifying! - Part 2

These people believe in Satan. These followers committed heinous crimes in the belief that they were doing the devil's work. What they did is pure evil.

6. The Beasts of Satan

The Beasts of Satan were an Italian satanic cult in the late '90s. The group was composed of friends with a love of black metal. In 1998, cult members ritually murdered two of their friends, and allegedly danced on their graves. The cult killed once again six years later. Authorities caught up to the cult in 2004, and the ringleaders each received lengthy prison sentences.


7. Gaahl

Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth was one of the most satanic bands in history. The group's singer Gaahl worshipped Satan and committed violent acts in his name. Gaahl was sentenced to a year in prison in 2002 for violently assaulting and torturing a stranger at a party. The stranger apparently made a move to leave the party before Gaahl allowed him to. Gaahl hit the man, tied him to a chair, and tortured him. During the torture, Gaahl collected the man's blood in a cup saying "I'm going to sacrifice you, I'm going to drink your blood." Gaahl was convicted for similar crime in 2006. Each time he has appeared in court, he has been adorned with satanic symbols.


8. Hatred

Elyse Pahler was a teenager with a successful life ahead of her. Until she was brutally murdered, and her corpse desecrated by members of Hatred, a fledgling Californian metal band. Three members of the band allegedly lured Pahler to their home, where they killed her and performed satanic rituals with her body. According to police, the band members repeatedly violated her body for over a year before they were finally arrested.


9. Rodrigo Orias Gallardo

Rodrigo Orias Gallardo was a black metal fan from Chile who committed one of the most heinous satanic murders in history. Gallardo was a dedicated satanist, who had a pentagram branded on the left side of his body and several satanic tattoos. His target was a priest by the name of Father Faustino Gazziero. Gallardo attended mass and waited until the priest was finished with services. Then he walked up to Father Gazziero and slit his throat. Gallardo then stabbed himself several times with the same knife and smeared himself with the priest's blood. Gallardo was not under the influence of any drugs at the time.


10. Ricky Kasso

Ricky Kasso believed with all his heart that he was acting in line with the dark lord's will. Kasso claimed that Satan spoke to him through a black crow, which ordered Kasso to murder someone. Kasso also struggled with drug abuse and mental illness. To perform his dark lord's bidding, Kasso lured a friend, Gary Lauwers, into the woods. Kasso held a knife to his friend's throat and ordered him to loudly announce "I love you Satan." After Lauwers said this, Kasso killed him, gouged out his eyes, and buried him.


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