The Craziest Contraptions Ever Contrived For Childcare!

Here are The Most Ridiculous Baby and Toddler Products Ever Made For Lazy Parenting! Seriously, what were they thinking?!?!

1. The iPotty

2. The Snotsucker

3. Bottle Holder

4. The Baby/Hamster Formula Dispenser

5. The Peekaru

6. The Onsie Dust Mop

7. The Zaky Hand Pillow

8. The Baby Toupee

9. The Poop Alarm

10. The Grillz Pacifier

11. The Bucktoothed Redneck Pacifier

12. The Fisher-Price Apptivity Center

13. The Tummy Tub

14. “It’s a Boy!” Card

15. The Windi


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