30 Couples Who Definitely Found That One Person Just As Weird As Themselves! - Part 2

There was probably only one possible person on Earth for these people...and they managed to find that person! Talk about finding a needle in a haystack!

16. What is that, a cat?

17. They never spend a moment apart

18. This is pretty sweet

19. I'd hang with this couple

20. If you see this couple, walk in the opposite direction

21. No one will ever get between these two

22. Cute

23. Is her name Rita?

24. I'm sure they were named Prom king and queen

25. Nope

26. This little dude needs to not take himself so seriously

26. Sweater love

28. If his initials aren't ET, then I'm disappointed

29. Could you even tell if a face-swap was done?

30. What's wrong with their eyes?


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