30 Couples Who Definitely Found That One Person Just As Weird As Themselves!

There was probably only one possible person on Earth for these people...and they managed to find that person! Talk about finding a needle in a haystack!

1. I guess they all use the same stylist

2. I'm just glad he's wearing pants.

3. So many levels of awkward here

4. I hope they don't send Christmas Cards like this

5. What the heck was he dipped in?

6. When two Forever-Alones meet

7. 69 Makes the Best Team

8. Polly want a machine gun?

9. That's not how you ride a bike

10. They spent all night looking for each other

11. I think I would feel uncomfortable around these two

12. How many people have they killed together?

13. One side is the miracle of birth, the other is the miracle of beer

14. Nice beards

15. Um. I'm struggling to find the meaning here


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