This Couple Claims To Have Found A Gigantic Spider Inside Their Bottle Of Coke. "Twist the Cap" to OMG!

A woman named Amanda Barr bought a 3 liter bottle of Coke from Iceland. Her partner Steve Knight poured her a glass. The couple claims they found the spider floating on top.

Here's the bottle...


The spider in the bottle...


Pour yourself a glass of spider...


5 millimeters of spider...


If this turns out to be real (and not a hoax), We've whipped up a few spins on some popular Coke slogans from throughout the years for the occasion...

1956 - Coca-Cola ... makes good things taste better. Not even Coke makes a spider taste better!

1963 - Things go better with Coke. How about chocolate, not spiders!

1969 - It's the real thing. That's what I was afraid of!

1974 - Look for the real things. We found them.

1976 - Coke adds life. Apparently so.

1979 - Have a Coke and a smile. We had a Coke and a scream!

2001 - Life tastes good. Spiders, not so much.

2003 - Real. OMG!

2009 - Open Happiness. Open Nightmares!

2010 - Twist the Cap to Refreshment....or disturbing!

The spider in the bottle...


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