County Fairs: The Only Place In America Weirder Than Walmart! - Part 2

If you want to see some of the strangest sights you'll ever see, (and I'm not talking about the carnival freak show), you've got to go to a county fair. OMG!

16. Nick Cage airbrushing. A work of art.

17. Squeeze into whatever you want.

18. Best Dressed?

19. Enthusiasts come by the trainload!

20. Overeat? Unhealthy? Don't be silly...

21. Sounds awfully familiar to a popular game...

22. Seriously?

23. Because drinking too much milk never ends badly.

24. They even have drive-thrus for food.

25. No better place to catch the diabetes than here.

26. Udderly ridiculous.

27. Ready for a workout?

28. The weirdest food can be found

29. She ate...And then she died.

30. Parking signs for animals.


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