Parents With The Comically Worst Parenting Skills Ever! - Part 2

Let's be frank, these parents suck at parenting. The choices these parents have made are so bad, they're laughable. Comical, yet a tragedy. OMG!

11. To be fair, they live in the rough part of town.

12. It's ok, she'll only be in there for ten minutes.

13. Leave it to dad to teach the real life lessons.

14. Burn baby, burn. (ouch!)

15. It's cruel to chain the lion beside a crying kid like that.

16. Who needs a babysitter when you've got tape?

17. Look son, mommy's name is in the credits!

18. He grew up to have a remarkably high tolerance.

19. Doing the mom's job is exhausting!

20. What a cute a-DOLL-ph.


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