These Babies Totally Nailed Their Very First Christmas Photo

The best bundle of Christmas joy is adorable babies like these. These 29 babies but the awwwww in awesome Christmas photos!

1. How Christmas babies are delivered.

Laura Jane newborn photographer:

2. Cutest stocking stuffer ever.

Sarah Jordan Photography:

3. I need to pinch those cheeks!

Barefoot Photography:

4. Yay, Christmas!

Ampersand Studios:

5. A perfect Christmas morning.

Aaron Varga Photography:

6. Santa's Little Helper.


7. Just look at those dimples.

Getty Images/ Glenda Powers

8. Trying so hard to be a good sport.

Cristy O Photography:

9. The Twin Claus.

Getty Images/Maja Argakijeva

10. This little guy is workin' it.

Danielle Brasher Photography:

11. "Well, at least it's not a cat."

Photography by Asiya:

12. What's cuter than a baby? A baby with a kitten.

Jenn Vogt Photography:

13. The cookie thief.

X & V Photography: Facebook: XVPortraits

14. Can you spot the baby?

Getty Images/ Inara Prusakova

15. Striking eyes.

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16. Little Rudolph.

Newborns by Jen:

17. A growing family.

18. Adorable.

Getty Images/Hanhan Peggy

19. This baby will grow into that hat eventually.


20. How can you not love the bow-tie and suspenders?

Melissa Diep Photography:

21. I'm not sure about the placement here...

Jessica Smith Photography:

22. Only at this age will they sleep with unopened presents around.

Getty Images/Xerv_II

23. The best kind of special delivery.

Ashley Mickelson Photography:

24. Sweet little sleigh baby.

Ashley Mickelson Photography:

25. I feel like someone needs to step in.

Caoline Tran:

26. A peaceful scene.

Getty Images/Todd Lammers

27. A festive nap.

Shana Simpson Photography:

28. Santa's little troll doll.

Rockhill Studio:

29. The night before Christmas.

Erin Joyce Photography:

(H/T buzzfeed)

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