Adorable Animals FAILING at Playing Hide and Go Seek!

They might not be the best at this game but you must admit...they've got a lot of heart!

1. Do you think he saw me? No? WHEW.

2. One... four... seven... Ten!!!

3. I wonder how long he's been stuck like that.

4. This guy is gooooood.

5. I hope she finds him before her foot does.

6. Nice try... now stop horsing around!

7. I thought you were going to count? What? No, you were!!

8. Bless his heart.

9. We decided to let George count.

10. If they can't see your eyes, they can't see you!

11. Pssh... your legs are showing.

12. Portable Hide-and-go-seek for Kitties on the Go.

13. "I'll never let go, Jack", she says...

14. Marge isn't terribly excited about this game.

15. Oh, that Larry. Not the sharpest hammer, but we love'm anyway!

16. Super Ninja Kitty Peek-a-boo Surprise Attack!

17. I found... YOU!


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