This 3-Year-Old Solved An Old Murder, But That's Not The Weirdest Part

This 3-year-old boy astonished every one when he solved a lingering murder mystery. But that was only the beginning. What he knew and showed them shocked everyone!

boy solves murder

Reincarnation is an ancient belief that remains popular to this day. And while it has never been scientifically proven, the occasional story will surface that supports it. This is the case with a three year old boy from Golan Heights (near Syria) who remembered his previous life's murder with enough detail to expose the killer.

1. The Boy's Memories

The three year old boy began telling people that he remembered who he was in a past life. Of course no one believed him at first, but he insisted it was true and wanted to prove it.


2. His Body

The boy led his elders to a place outside of the village, saying that he was taking them to where his body had been buried. When the elders dug at the place where the boy showed them, they discovered a secret grave.


3. The Weapon

Not only did the boy lead them to his past body, he also lead them to another spot where the elders found an axe, also buried to remain hidden.


4. The Birthmark

The axe corresponded to a wound in the skull of the recovered body. And curiously, the wound on the skull corresponded to a birthmark on the boy's forehead.


5. The Murderer

Leading them to another village, the boy pointed out a man who he claimed was once his neighbor. The man who killed him. The suspect turned ghost-white at the accusations, and confessed to the murder after seeing the collected evidence.


6. Watch the Video


The man was tried and found guilty of murder. Although the boy's account could not be used in court, without the memories of his past life recovering so much evidence, it is likely that the man would have gotten away with murder.

(H/T viralnova)

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