25 More Insanely Extreme Things You'll See In Dubai. Money Has Truly Made These People Go Nuts! - Part 2

14. Dubai has TWO sets of artificial islands like this!

15. This might actually encourage some women.

16. How about spending a day at the camel races?

17. They have ice cafes where you can dress warmly and sip hot cocoa in the middle of the desert!

18. The one time you wouldn't mind your property being stolen.

19. No money for food? You're covered.

20. The most expensive Starbucks in the world!

21. And c'mon. This shirt.

22. Make sure you don't happen to keep fish handy.

23. How would you feel about a $105,000 bill like this?

24. Just a guy in a jet pack, passing by.

25. Leave it to Dubai to have the most expensive cupcake in the world.


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