The 22 Most Horrible NFL Tattoos EVER - Part 2

When you mix bad artwork and / or fanaticism gone too far...this is what you get. Some of the worst NFL tattoos ever inked in skin!

14. Looks like this was tattooed towards the end of the tailgating party. Steeers

15. I can't even identify the body part we're seeing here.

16. Something tells me this guy has taken a few shots to the head.

17. Miami Dolphin cresting over cleavage.

18. I'm not sure which team is being insulted here.

19. Maybe let them actually win it before you permanently mark your skin?

20. At least the helmet isn't tattooed on his head.

21. I guess this is his interpretation of "Always wear protection"

22. Poor decision much?

(H/T teamjimmyjoe)

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