The 22 Most Horrible NFL Tattoos EVER

When you mix bad artwork and / or fanaticism gone too far...this is what you get. Some of the worst NFL tattoos ever inked in skin!

1. Poorly done C there. It really looks like it reads "Gowboys"

2. Strike a pose.

3. Football in Narnia?

4. What.

5. Maybe his kid drew this?

6. Everyone is familiar with John 3:016, right?

7. Did she just give birth to a football helmet?

8. Part Bengal, part mummy?

9. I think the Raiders might deny that this belongs to them.

10. Is Tebow actually praying to the bronco god?

11. The dawg pound mascot missed his rabies vaccination...

12. I'm pretty sure that is not how you football.

13. The New England Mutant Patriots.

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(H/T teamjimmyjoe)

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