19 Reasons Why Grinding Might Be The Worst Thing To Happen To Humanity Since Satan. This makes "Dirty Dancing" look like charm school.

If you don't know what grinding is...we'll show you. You might be sorry you asked. Mankind is doomed. LOL


If you don't know...Grinding is a very trendy way of dancing where two people, grind their hips very close to each other (or in full contact) while facing in the same direction.


When done properly, it should look a bit like this:


But it is, a dance move that is quite awkward ( and similar to 'dry humping').

Toei Studios

Here are 19 reasons why:

1. Men with no dance skills simply resort to dry humping and call it dancing.


2. No place to put your hands...awkward


3. When your partner is "twerking." You just can't dance along with them. Impossible.


4. And when random dudes just start grinding up on girls WITHOUT PERMISSION... it's a bit like date rape.


5. Any EYE CONTACT is out the window


6. With an exciting dance partner, this is bound to happen.


7. The height difference between you and your partner becomes a factor


8. Grinding faster totally accentuates just how utterly ridiculous this dance is.


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